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Water becomes ‘hard’ when there is a high concentration of dissolved minerals. While hard water won’t harm your health, it can cause the skin to become irritated and result in buildup within your pool’s plumbing system as well. Using proper steps when it comes to your pool’s water can allow you to soften it for a more comfortable swimming pool experience.

1. Determine The Hardness Of Your Pool Water

Before you can even begin treating your pool water for hardness, you need to find out just how much ‘hardness’ your swimming pool has. In order to test your pool’s level of hardness, you will need to come into Pool Palace West for a photometer water test  . If your swimming pool water is harder than 400 parts per million, it will not  be softened to the extent you will feel, but it will aid in protecting your equipment. Remember is is critical to have calcium in the water to prevent the water looking for calcium from your pool surface.

2. Add In Some Fresh Water

In a few cases, all it takes to soften your pool’s water is to add some fresh water. You will need to drain a couple inches of water from the pool and then refill it from your garden hose. Afterwards, you will need to turn on your swimming pool’s pump in order to properly circulate the water for about 10 to 12 hours, then test its hardness once more. If your pool’s water is still very high, you will need to take another step to soften the water.

3. Use Pool Magic  Water Softener – Boric

With the help of Pool Magic Water Softener, you should easily be able to reduce the hardness of your pool’s water. In order to add water softener to your swimming pool, you will need to fill a 5lt bucket of pool water and dissolve the Pool Magic Water Softener into it slowly, mixing as you go, please note the water will get warm, so do not use your hand. Always add the pool chemicals to water and not water to the pool chemicals. Once you have the water and chemicals together, you will be able to just pour the contents of the bucket straight into your pool and run the pump again. Test the pool water again after 48 hours to see if you need to add more Pool Magic Water Softener. The ideal range for borates is 30ppm to 50ppm, Pool Palace West can test this instore for you and keep a history of it.

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