Sensaheat PI Series Heat Pump 21kw

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Sensaheat PI Series Heat Pump is the flagship model of the Sensaheat range, offering the latest and most efficient inverter technology and an industry-leading ultra-quiet design.

The Pi Series offers the patented InverPad technology, making the PI the most silencing and energy-saving pool heating solution.

  • Unique airflow design. Air enters on the sides of the heater and discharges from the back; this unique design is ideal when you don’t want the fan pushing hot or cold air across your pool or living area
  • Ultra-quiet operation, the idea for installation near living areas
  • Wi-Fi as standard/Highly efficient inverter technology
  • Reverse cycle (heat and cool mode) with auto defrost
  • Easy to use digital controller
  • R32 Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty
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Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 106 × 44 × 76 cm